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Our Mission

Our mission is to drive the change to a circular economy by extending the lifetimes of EV batteries in 2nd life battery energy storage systems. By doing so, we can accommodate more renewable energy to the grid without contributing to the overconsumption of the earth’s resources – and reduce your electricity bills. Sounds good, right?


Who We Are

Rebaba is a value driven company. We stand for sustainability and equality in every choice we make.

What We Do

Rebaba is headquartered at Stockholm, the beating heart of Nordic sustainable innovation. We bring the best of Swedish design and sustainability to the energy storage industry

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The Rebaba team is an exceptional example of true entrepreneurship and passion. When you build a company it is all about team and commitment. It doesn’t matter if you have brilliant ideas. If you don’t have the people onboard, willing to do the hard work, taking the initial high risks, being ambassadors of something that really matters, then you’ve already lost the game. Paula Runsten and Felix Kruse are exactly what I myself would have wanted to be entering my professional life. They are smart, convinced and they have the stamina. Remember, you always invest in people. If you believe in accelerating the green transformation, you need people with courage and a clear vision. There you find Rebaba.

Ulrika Tornerefelt, Founder & CEO, Stella Futura

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Felix Kruse

Founder & COO

Ludvig Karlberg


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