Empowering flexibility through
circular battery systems.

Circular batteries
for a green planet

Circular battery systems with Automotive Grade Performance and State-of-the-Art Safety.


With an innovative cooling system, we deliver fire-proof systems, safe to be conveniently installed wherever you need them, inside and outside.


By upcycling electric vehicle batteries, we do not only get the benefits of high-performance systems, but also 0 battery-related carbon dioxide emissions

Local supply chain

Our systems are designed, developed and produced in Sweden. We offer Swedish quality, control and support.

The future is circular

Reduce your electricity bills by storing cheap electricity and using it at peak price hours.

When the grid does not cover your need, the Rebaba CircularBESS will. Expand your business and become truly energy independent.

When you dont need the Rebaba CircularBESS for your operations it balances the grid. This helps balance solar and wind farms while earning you revenue. A truly sustainable business.

Optimise your energy consumption and production for minimised energy cost and maximising use of low carbon electricity.

Reduce your carbon footprint with net-zero batteries upcycled from local electric vehicles.